Head Spa

Long hours at work staring at too many screens have led to stiffening of the neck and scalp, eye fatigue, and headaches due to constricted blood flow. Our head spa will help you relax by increasing blood flow and release tension and stress that has built up over time. Furthermore, scalp massages stimulate your follicles and will promote healthier hair growth.

Luminance Head Spa – 90 min. – $150

This treatment combines hair brushing, deep cleansing, customized mask, aromatherapy, hydrating shampoo and conditioning, a relaxing hot water therapy with rosewater to nourish and calm your scalp. We finish this treatment with a scalp/hair/neck and shoulder massage to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience.

Scalp Detox – 50 min. – $100

This treatment is designed to eliminate build-up and impurities. It includes deep cleansing with a scalp exfoliant, essential oils, hair mask and scalp massage.

Hair wash and scalp massage – 30 min – $40

Clean your scalp and relax your body and mind with this 30-minute relaxing hair wash and scalp massage.

Head Spa Add-Ons

Neck Massage – 10 min – $15
Shoulder Massage – 10 min – $15
Neck and Shoulder Massage – 15 min – $25
Hair Mask/Water therapy – 10 min – $30

Luminance Head Spa Disclaimer

If you have extensions, braids, weaves, wigs, or any other added in hair or accessories that may come loose with vigorous scrubbing or massaging of the head and scalp please make sure you notify us beforehand. It will be up to the discretion of the of the service provider to continue with your appointment. If your braids or hair accessories come out because of the service, it is not the responsibility of Luminance or our service providers to fix or compensate you if such an issue should arise.

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